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2023 app

JEEVA, sanskrit for Life Force, is a Gen Z mental wellness platform that empowers young people to take charge of how they handle stress, depression or even pre-addictive habits.

Worked as UX-UI Designer at Jeevahealth

1 Sep 2021 - 31 Aug 2023

Tools: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Miro

Jeevahealth App is live on playstore

Using AI, we make science work for your specific challenges

We use CBT, DBT, Psychodynamics, ACT, Mindfulness and similar science disciplines.

Jeeva is multi-modal digital platform that applies the right science approach to your specifc challenges. We provide interventions experientially - as you need them - drawing from any of the science disciplines that would be appropriate to the user and the context ie., stressors, triggers as you experience them.

You get validation & insights from your peer community

Gen Z is naturally and spontaneously involved with many groups, social media and influencers.

Jeeva users connect with student community so you can swap your challenges anonymously, get others with lived experiences sharing their journeys. We also feature trained clinicians to help anonymously, and sharing curated content and techniques for each user and her context.

Jeeva’s AI learns as your context changes, so we can help proactively

Our technology keeps pace & and is ready as we sense triggers or stressors

Jeeva continuously keeps pace with how young adults and adolescents meet their own evolving needs as society and social norms around them change and evolve and adds new stressors or triggers.

High Fidelity Wireframes

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